Friday, April 11, 2014

Oso Landslide Part IV: "How Politics Buries Science..."

"The entire federal budget for landslide research is $3.5 million a year — far less than the property value lost on a single day when 17 mansions slid down a hill in 2005 in Laguna Beach, Calif. (For comparison, $3.5 million is about the same amount Medicare spends per month buying penis pumps for men with erectile dysfunction.)"
from How Politics Buries Science in Landslide Mapping by Bill Dedman NBC News 

Above: Screenshot from Landslide Mapping an Unfinished Task by Tony Schick for EarthFix

Above: After slide LiDAR PDF of Oso, WA. Contributed by  Sandi Doughton, The Seattle Times 

Also see:

Aerial History and LiDAR of the Stilliguamish Blocking Landslide by Dan McShane

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Oso Landslide Part III: "Hand of God" or "Hand of Man"?

Is the Oso Landslide a result of "Hand of God" or the technological "Hand of Man"?

Seismic activity the day before the March 22nd Oso event. Middle (blue) signature is a most probably a cultural source. It appears to this author to be a digitally produced "sine wave".

Seismic Activity for the March 22nd Oso Event.
"The Navy has already exercised part of the contract by placing an order for more than $5.1 million in modifications to the Naval Radio Station, Jim Creek in Arlington, WA. The Navy is expected to (and DID) exercise its options to upgrade additional VLF broadcast network sites annually for the next four years.
VLF technology, the radio spectrum between 3 kHz and 30 kHz, has been used for naval submarine communications since the first systems were designed and installed by CEC during the 1950s and 1960s. The VLF system is the most reliable form of long distance and underwater communications ever developed, even under the most adverse conditions. The VLF signals can penetrate solid rock and the ocean surface, both of which block radio waves at higher frequencies." VLF Case Histories of Continental Electronics  from
The author of this blog is not a physical scientist or geologist. Please continue below to my comments on the possible relationship between VLFs from Jim Creek and the Oso "event" with this knowledge. For more geological and physics background consult Part I and  Part II of this series of blogposts on the Oso landslide.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fwd: Downtown Bellingham Plan: Planning Commission Work Session Tomorrow Night (4/3)

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Date: Apr 2, 2014 10:04 AM
Subject: Downtown Bellingham Plan: Planning Commission Work Session Tomorrow Night (4/3)

Downtown Bellingham Plan: Planning Commission Work Sessions

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How to create a safe and prosperous downtown...

A post from the indomitable Tara Almond, currently legislative aide for 40th LD representative Jeff Morris, made me remember how much I have to say as a father and citizen about the health of Bellingham's downtown. Bellingham's downtown was one of the original reasons I concluded Bellingham would be a good place to live and raise a family. Originally, when I scouted this place, I rented a hotel room on Samish and spent the next three days walking the entire town from Fairhaven to Cornwall Park.  I walked around Bellingham's downtown repeatedly. I was pleasantly surprised at how safe it seemed. As a note, both my wife and I were raised in east Oakland. I had never really walked through a downtown without my senses alert and guard up. I just didn't realize that until I moved here.

As I have mellowed  and lost many of my 'street instincts' in the last 12 years here, I can easily see now how there are real problems that need addressing downtown and these problems are distressing to many residents.  I sent the letter below based on my beliefs that small communities like this should cultivate a  downtown that is  "family centered" and create appeal to parents who want to move here to give their children a safe and prosperous community to grow up in.  I invite you as readers to send your thoughts to these elected and non-elected officials below. Nurturing and cultivating a prosperous, safe downtown is so important. Many activists and citizen organizations here think and pontificate about this. Much important work has been done by many both publicly and privately.  If you have something to say, your voice should be heard.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Oso Landslide Part I: Data from Oso and Jim Creek Naval Station

Oso, WA landslide from JCW Seismograph (Jim Creek) of March 22nd. The middle energy signature is present in all graphs below for March 10, March 19-22
UW postdoctoral researcher Kate Allstadt has a comprehensive post on PNSN on Seismic Signals generated by the Oso Landslide. Among the more interesting notes in her post is a "sound recording" of the landslide at 160x speed. Local geologist Dan McShane has a number of excellent posts on the geology of the region and the landslide itself. Chuck Forsberg of generously shipped me a dump of VLF transmissions log from Jim Creek Naval Station. The the JCW seismographs compiled below show March 10th (date of 1.1 quake) and March 19 - 22.  My guess is that the recurring 8 - 10 AM energy signature identified by Kate Allstadt as a "cultural source" is probably some cycle of the nearby 250 KW VLF transmissions in Jim Creek. Seismographs from PNSN.  Click to enlarge.
From left to right: March 10, March 19 - 22.  Note the two sharp disturbances early morning of  March 21st; the day before the slide. Also note the persistent "cultural source" signature that shows up in each plot. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Testing for Evidence of Fukushima in Bellingham: Part I

45 days of filtration in a Bellingham neighborhood that heats with wood.

I am working on (DIY)  testing for evidence of Fukushima fallout in Bellingham. This is a "science project" fraught with difficulties for a layman. I will leave pictures and R code output without much comment for now. So far most of my testing has been exploratory and I looking at how to systemize my methodology.  I have collected three years worth of external air filters sealed in plastic. I change them out every 45 days as they are so filthy with smoke and soot! 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why you should install heat pump technology now!

In a statement Tuesday, U.S. Sens. Mark Warner (D-VA) and John Hoeven (R-ND) called on the Obama administration to order the DOE to quickly evaluate more than 20 applications to export LNG to countries without a free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States. Specifically, they want DOE to approve all of the pending permits within 60 days, or provide reasons why they can't be approved.
"For the first time in a generation, America is in a position to export energy, and acting strategically to increase our natural gas exports will weaken [Russian President Vladimir] Putin's grip on energy supplies for Europe and Ukraine," Warner said. "We're suggesting a comprehensive, bipartisan approach that will have a positive impact in the near term and the longer term on the energy security of Ukraine and the EU." from
Don't believe energy company hype about Shale Gas. It is not a panacea and the energy industry is seeking to make profits exporting LNG!  Global warming and the new Cold War will result in future shock to your household each winter. I recommend you install either the new 'greenspeed' or  the hybrid heat pump technology for your heating needs.  Our gas bill this January in Bellingham, WA? $38.00.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Passed the three year anniversary of Fukushima last week...

A John Servais column about radiation found in the Fraser River Valley in Northwest Citizen reminded me that we passed the three year anniversary of Fukushima last week.  Little is known about the effects of the radiation releases on the West Coast because the monitoring is so sparse and distrusted. For what it is worth, here are the EPA RadNet (air source) graphs of ten different gamma energy ranges in Seattle, Fairbanks, and Juneau for the last six months. Click to enlarge:

My general feeling is the radioactive releases from Fukushima are affecting our health now and will for a very long time.  My guess is that the amount and effects of such releases are being covered up or dismissed.

Fwd: SEP Newsletter: What the Western-backed regime is planning for Ukrainian workers

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What the Western-backed regime is planning for Ukrainian workers

By Julie Hyland
15 March 2014

Behind incessant rhetorical invocations of a "democratic revolution," Ukraine's newly-installed government of former bankers, fascists and oligarchs is preparing draconian austerity measures.
The plans being drawn up are openly described as the "Greek model," i.e., the programme of savage cuts imposed on Greece by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Union (EU) that has caused Greece's economy to collapse by nearly 25 percent in five years and produced a massive growth in unemployment and poverty.
In the case of Ukraine, however, this social devastation is to be unleashed against a country that has already been subjected to the scorched earth economics of capitalist restoration. Even before the latest events, Ukraine was the 80th poorest country in the world based on gross domestic product per capita, behind Iraq, Tonga and Bosnia-Herzegovina. (Read more)
Further coverage on Ukraine can be found here.

Ukraine, the United States and international law

By Joseph Kishore
11 March 2014

Plans for a secession referendum in Ukraine's Crimea region on Sunday are the focus of ramped-up attacks on Russia from the Obama administration and its European allies. Additional military forces are being shifted to the region and new threats of sanctions are being issued.
The US, Germany and Britain have denounced the referendum in the majority Russian-speaking autonomous republic as a violation of Ukraine national sovereignty and territorial integrity and a breach of international law. The US ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, said Monday that the US would not recognize the "so-called referendum." He charged that "gangs of pro-Russian thugs" were patrolling the area and there was "an active campaign to stir division in Ukraine."
Pyatt's comments echoed those of Obama, who has declared that any referendum would "violate the Ukrainian constitution and violate international law," and top officials in Britain and Germany. Following a meeting Sunday night between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron, a statement from Downing Street declared that the proposed referendum "would be illegal and that any attempt by Russia to legitimize the result would result in further consequences." Cameron earlier declared Russian actions to be "in flagrant breach of international law." (Read more)
Further coverage on Ukraine can be found here.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fwd: Today on the WSWS

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New Today -- 10 March 2014


CIA caught spying on US Senate

The revelations of CIA spying on the legislative committee charged with overseeing it underscores the fact that America is actually run by an unelected, unaccountable military/intelligence apparatus.

News & Analysis

US builds up military forces, threatens end to diplomacy over Ukraine

Washington spent the weekend ramping up pressure on its allies to intensify the provocations and threats against Russia over Ukraine.

Germany: The Süddeutsche Zeitung and the poison of militarism

Snowden's testimony to European Parliament: "Billions of innocents" unlawfully spied upon

Many questions unanswered about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Japanese government signals restart of nuclear power plants

Boeing to freeze US salaried workers' pensions

US immigration detainees begin hunger strike

Tesoro refinery barred inspectors from site of accident in California

New attacks on Boston Public School workers, students

Probes continue in scandal involving New Jersey governor

Australian youth unemployment reaches "crisis point"

Arts Review

Drive-by Truckers release new album, English Oceans


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Doubling Tar Sands production for Imperial War » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Doubling Tar Sands production for Imperial War » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Fwd: Downtown Bellingham Plan: March 27 Planning Commission Meeting Materials

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Date: Mar 13, 2014 12:29 PM
Subject: Downtown Bellingham Plan: March 27 Planning Commission Meeting Materials

DOWNTOWN BELLINGHAM PLAN: March 27 Planning Commission Meeting Materials

All documents associated with the draft Downtown Bellingham Plan are scheduled for a public hearing at the March 27 Planning Commission meeting. The Planning Commission packet, including the staff report and City Center Implementation Strategy, is now posted online here:

Written comments should be submitted to no later than March 25, 2014, for consideration at the meeting. All comments submitted prior to or during the meeting will become part of the written record.

Lisa Pool, AICP
Senior Planner
City of Bellingham, WA

My incoming and outgoing email messages are subject to public disclosure requirements per RCW 42.56.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Post Crimean World Order...

The U.S. blinked!  The situation is still fluid, but the apocalypse didn't happen.  The world will now pursue a "Post Crimean World Order".  In this new world, major economic powers will each pitch  the less powerful countries in the World. States from Ukraine to Ecuador will have some choices to make in alliances: US or Russia Federation or China or Brazil or... perhaps the "middle way" of balancing between all of them! Hey, it worked for the French!

Russia is not weak anymore. The United States economy is still too weak to engage in substantial military or economic risk. The neo-conservative / neo-liberal dream of interfering far and wide has seen limits. With the Asian axis developing strong capitalist economies, national power will become more globally diffuse or 'multilateral'.  In the 'Post Crimean World Order' the Asian economies will increase in power and strength.  Europe and Japan will to have to bend towards them.  The United States is in a difficult position for now. It's aggressive neo-colonial era launched under the guise of the 'war on terrorism' has resulted in lost international good will. But this can change.

My contention is that the world will be at  greater peace and eventually more prosperity with a stronger Russia. With a burgeoning capitalist economy of its own now, it should be able to help China, Brazil, India challenge the economic and political axis of the West. It is possible that with less (or more hard earned) foreign economic opportunity, the US may have no option but to substantially grow and innovate the domestic economy. This could increase the prosperity of the US workforce and shrink the wealth gap. It might also shrink all of our ridiculously bloated defense and intelligence budgets.  And that, dear reader, is an outcome worth hoping for!

Of course, there are always other outcomes.  The U.S. could become bitter and reactionary, engaging in more needless foreign intrusions. An impoverished America could fall into nationalism and elect right wing extremists convinced that nuclear wars are "winnable"....  But I don't think this is going to happen. The general public here is sick of sending there sons to die in foreign countries and hearing about how we supported neo-Nazis to overthrow elected governments like Ukraine.  Let us hope the future brings out the best in United States and the rest of this very large and growing world!

Fwd: SEP Newsletter: The David Miranda ruling and the attack on press freedom

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Subject: SEP Newsletter: The David Miranda ruling and the attack on press freedom
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